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Nicholas Drouillard


This web space is set up to host my professional profile and Excel VBA postings. I designed this webpage and compiled all content using HTML5, CSS and PHP.

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About Me

After graduating from UF with a degree in mathematics, I spent the last several years working as an operations manager. I have even experience in the restaurant and blood banking industries. In Fall 2014, I obtained my PMP certification from the Project Management Institute.

Recently, my career has shifted from personnel management to data analysis. I spent the majority of 2016 analyzing large data sets to optimize the movement of blood products across three states. In my current role, I serve as a VBA Developer and Quantitative Analyst for Geneva Advisors based in Chicago, Illinois.

Programming logic is a fascinating field of study that I have enjoyed my entire adult life. For fun, I picked up the basics of php, oracle sql, html and css. Late in 2015, I signed up for the Computer Programming Specialist program at SFC to further my understanding of computer science.