Nicholas A. Drouillard

Nicholas Drouillard

Excel File Size

Worksheet Bloat

Managing file size can be a challenge when working with large data sets in Excel. It doesn't take much to expand your worksheet range by mistake and bloat your file to an unstable size. The most common mistake is made when formatting is applied to an entire column or row (far beyond the upper bound of your data set).

Microsoft suggests deleting extraneous cells and columns to control your range. This is a good first step that should remove the unwanted formatting but it fails to fully address the bloated range.

Worksheet Range Control

Fortunately, range bloat is easily controlled with a simple VBA subroutine. The Used Range property resets the range bounds in a worksheet to include the current occupied space. Running the following code easily controls worksheet range and prevents bloat:

Worksheet Range Reset
VBA Worksheet Bloat Control: Code Sample